George Kittle just taught thousands of children a very, very bad word

George Kittle carried on Cordarrelle Patterson’s tradition of dropping an audible F-bomb on the Nickelodeon telecast of an NFL playoff game.

Nobody drops an F-bomb on a Nickelodeon telecast quite like George Kittle, unless you are Cordarrelle Patterson.

There is nothing quite like being part of new traditions. Shane Beamer took one for the team to make the Duke’s Mayo Bowl easily the most elite non-New Year’s Six bowl in all of college football. Though Kittle and Patterson’s slips of the tongue were not as intentional as a sweet, delicious mayonnaise bath, don’t expect the San Francisco 49ers tight end to be slimed as this year’s NVP.

If the 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys, it means Jimmy Garoppolo will win NVP, and then not play for them next year. As tradition, that is what happened to last year’s NVP in former Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

George Kittle expands thousands of children’s vocabularies in the worst way

When most of these kids watching this telecast are still learning how to spell, Kittle gave them a four-letter word no parent is ready to explain what it means. Oh, it certainly gets the point across, no matter if it is a noun, an adjective or a gerund. This is same word that forced a gross red bar of soap into poor Ralphie Parker’s mouth, right before he shot his eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun.

So while ViacomCBS tries to figure out how to keep full-grown, sweaty men from dropping F-bombs on their children’s channel’s simulcast, let’s just appreciate the tradition being alive for a second season. Ultimately, it may serve CBS going with, I don’t know, an AFC matchup in next Super Wild Card Weekend. Tony Romo is great and all, but these F-bombs require earmuffs!

Let’s be real. They need a new award after this game: The Patterson-Kittle MAF for the most audible F**K!

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